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Guide to Clinical and Diagnostic Virology

Guide to Clinical and Diagnostic Virology

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Number of pages:311
Author:Reeti Khare

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The explosion in clinical testing has been especially rapid in virology, where emerging viruses and growing numbers of viral infections are driving advances. The Guide to Clinical and Diagnostic Virology offers a digestible view of the breadth and depth of information related to clinical virology, providing a practical, working knowledge of the wide array of viruses that cause human disease.

Introductory chapters cover the basics of clinical virology and laboratory diagnosis of infections, including virus structure, life cycle, transmission, taxonomy, specimen types and handling, and a comparison of assays used for detection. Detailed sections on important topics include

  • Viral pathogens and their clinical presentations
  • Diagnostic assays and techniques, including culture-based, immunological, and molecular
  • Prevention and management of viral infections, with guidance on biosafety, vaccines, and antiviral therapies
  • The regulatory environment for laboratory testing, including regulatory requirements and assay performance and interpretation

Critical concepts are carefully curated and concisely summarized and presented with detailed illustrations that aid comprehension, along with important highlights and helpful hints. These features, plus question sections that reinforce significant ideas and key concepts, make this an invaluable text for anyone looking for an accessible route through clinical and diagnostic virology. Laboratory technologists, medical students, infectious disease and microbiology fellows, pathology residents, researchers, and everyone involved with viruses in the clinical setting will find the Guide to Clinical and Diagnostic Virology an excellent text as well as companion to clinical virology references.

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Paperback, 311 pages, full-color illustrations, index.

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