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Pocket Guide to Clinical Microbiology, Fourth Edition

Pocket Guide to Clinical Microbiology, Fourth Edition

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Number of pages:420
Edition: 4
Author:Christopher D. Doern

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If you work in the clinical laboratory, this pocket guide will help you confidently identify most organisms you could encounter.

This useful updated edition continues to present valuable quick-reference information to the clinical microbiology community in a small package. Along with specifics on pathogenic microorganisms, there is updated information on effectively using essential molecular diagnostic techniques for today’s challenges.

You will find guidance on:

  • MALDI-TOF MS performance for individual bacteria, mycobacteria, and fungi
  • Nucleic acid amplification testing/PCR and help interpreting genetic sequencing results
  • Susceptibility testing, with methods and interpretive criteria for most organism/antibiotic combinations
  • Antimicrobial resistance mechanisms and resistance profiles for common organisms

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